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From : Aubrey Joy A.
Location : Bacolod City
"Honestly, this was the first time I bought something online so I'm a little hesitant because I am not familiar about how the transaction would go, but you made it very easy for me.  Excellent quality at a very affordable price plus I got an OST CD as an added bonus! I am just glad how well the transaction went and I will surely order some more soon! Thanks GOKS."


From : Pong Truong
Location : New York, USA
"I had already bought in many sites and I can say Goks DVD has the best english subtitles I've ever seen.  Before, I used to watch korean series with terrible english subtitles bought from other sites, it really gives me a headache just to understand the story.  Thank God I found this site, with the crystal clear quality and excellent english subtitles provided by Goks, I am now able to fully understand and enjoy some of my favorite korean series.  I can assure you that Goks DVD has the best english subtitles available anywhere in the market."

From : Daphne Yu
Location : Pasig City
"What I like about VCD of Goks is the quality, the english subtitles are very good.  Before I used to buy from other sellers and usually the english subtitles are very bad. With Goks, almost of the series have very good english subtitles and most importantly, the quality of the discs is clear.

From : Theresa Sanchez
Location : Australia
"I've been buying DVDs from Goks Shop for a few months already.  All I can say is I'm very satisfied with the quality.  Sometimes you will find some DVDs that are not available anywhere else because they are exclusively making it available for collectors like me.

From : Debbie Po
Location : General Santos City
"I'm giving a 2 thumbs up for the quality of the VCDs & DVDs Goks has been offering.  I've bought from many other sellers before but nothing beats the quality of Goks VCD.  Majority of the series being sold in this shop are self encoded by them.  The video quality is very good, english subtitles are superb, and also the fonts used is very big so it is easier to read the subtitles.  I recommend Goks VCD/DVD Shop to everyone, let's support this shop so that it may continue to provide us with quality Series."

From : Jane Dela Rosa
Location : Davao City
"If your looking for a credible and nice seller, HE is the One to look for.  Super friendly, honest and true to his word, that's Goks. He communicates well with his customers and is right on time when it comes to delivery (aka express lane) without compromising the quality of his products. As to his products, most if not all are in mint condition not only at an affordable price, plus plus plus with freebies.  If ever problems arise, he'll gladly and "to the fly" replaces them.  Looking forward to dealing/trading with you again.  Pare, ganda ng website mo a, very extensive collection pa"

From : Janine De Los Reyes
Location : Cebu City
At first nun bibili pa lang ako kay Goks, I was thinking twice kasi hindi ko pa sya kilala, kasi since I am here in Cebu, I have to deposit the money first and wait for the cds to be ship.  I am really impressed, kasi nun pagdeposit ko, kinabukasan natanggap ko na yun mga cds.  I've been a loyal buyer eversince."

From : Rose Dy
Location : Binondo, Manila
"Regarding his cds, the quality is good, no skips, no jumps.  What I like about Goks is his honesty, kung may mga series na may problem or malabo, sinasabi nya honestly sa akin to warn me, in which I really appreciate."

From : Maryann Bernall
Location : Malabon
Just happy and proud to see this good source sites, good work, thanks for bringing the asian series/movies within our reach.  Keep it up!  This site is a must for asian movies/series fanatics!!!!!"

From : Tonie Yang
Location : California, USA
"Been buying CDs from Goks for quite some time now, and all I can say is you can really trust this guy.  Being a korean series fan, I'm very lucky to had found him since it is very difficult to find english subtitled korean series here.  I even recommended some of my friends to buy from him because his products and service are really satisfactory."


From : Janice
Location : Cagayan De Oro
"I've been a loyal customer of Goks for quite some time now and so far, i am very much satisfied with the vcds that I've ordered from him. And aside from that i don't have to wait too long to receive my orders. Goks gives the best quality cds, best movie recommendations and ships your orders as soon as possible. At first, i was quite hesitant to order the vcds from him since i
was asked to deposit the money first before i could get my order, but then i tried and took the
risk....but fortunately, i did get my order immediately on the following day...and since then, i
always order from him asian vcds which interest me.  I'm happy atleast that there's someone whom I can easily approach to whenever I'm interested to buy certain vcds...right here at Gok's VCD Shop!"


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