Nirvana in Fire 2 : The Wind Blows in Chang Lin (Chinese) (2018) (High Quality DVD) (Good English Subtitle)

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Number of Episodes : 50
Casts : Huang Xiao Ming, Liu Hao Ran, Tong Li Ya, Zhang Hui Wen
Genre : Historical Drama, Wuxia
Audio : Mandarin Audio
Subtitle : Good English Subtitle
Summary :

During the chaotic Northern and Southern Dynasties, the northern frontier of the Liang Dynasty is protected by the powerful Changlin Army led by Xiao Tingsheng (Sun Chun) and Xiao Pingzhang (Huang Xiaoming). During an expedition, Grand Secretary Xun Baishui (Bi Yanjun) cuts off supplies to the front line, and Xiao Pingzhang becomes severely wounded as he leads the defense on Liang's northern border. His younger brother, Xiao Pingjing (Liu Haoran), leaves Langya Pavilion to see visit him. There, Xiao Pingzhang and his father, Xiao Tingsheng, send Xiao Pingjing to where the supply ships sank in order to get to the bottom of the conspiracy. Unbeknownst to Xiao Pingjing, Xiao Tingsheng and his friend, Master Li, also send Lin Xi (Zhang Huiwen) to the same city, so that she can assist Xiao Pingjing.

It turns out that 30 years ago, Yeqin, a neighbouring kingdom, was suffering from the plague, yet Liang kept its borders shut for self-protection. In order to take revenge for his fallen kingdom, Puyang Ying (Guo Jingfei) travels to Liang under a hidden identity, and colludes with top martial artist the Marquis of Mozi (Cheng Taishen) and Xun Baishui to weaken the Xiao Family’s power. To exact revenge, he tricks the Empress into mandating an order to poison two cities in Liang, thereby recreating the conditions of the plague his kingdom suffered from.

Xiao Pingzhang dies from Puyang Ying's poison during the war, and a year later, the Liang Emperor (Liu Jun) passes away from sickness. His son, Xiao Yuanshi ascends the throne as a child emperor guided by Xiao Tingsheng. The Yu Dynasty takes the chance to gather forces to invade, and Xiao Pingjing plans a preemptive attack to defeat the Yu's army. Learning of these plans from Xiao Yuanqi, Xun Baishui coaxes the new Emperor (Hu Xianxu) into releasing an edict banning the Changlin Army from going into battle. Xiao Pingjing violates the edict, and he destroys Yu's army, ensuring that Liang would be safe from the Yu in the north. Upon his return to the capital, Xiao Pingjing's father, Xiao Tingsheng passes away due to his deteriorating health. Xiao Pingjing finally succumbs to the grief caused by the death of his brother and his father, and he leaves the capital to return to Langya Pavilion.

Years go by and Xiao Yuanqi begins to gain recognition and power from defeating the Donghai Army and reclaiming 7 of 10 eastern areas that were captured. In reality, those victories were planned by the Marquis of Mozi, who became the ruler of the Donghai. The Marquis of Mozi coordinated with Xiao Yuanqi so that Xiao Yuanqi could gain recognition from creating the impression that he recaptured lost territories for the Liang. After using assassins sent by Marquis of Mozi to kill Grand Secretary Xun Baishui, Xiao Yuanqi severs his relationship with the Marquis of Mozi by killing all the assassins that the Marquis of Mozi have sent to help him. Without Xun Baishui to rival his influence in the capital, Xiao Yuanqi stages a rebellion against Xiao Yuanshi. Xiao Pingjing predicts the danger against Yuanshi and he gathers the disbanded Chenglin Army to march on Yuanqi's army that has occupied the capital and taken Yuanshi hostage. Ultimately, Pingjing defeats Yuanqi, and Pingjing leaves the capital to live his life with Lin Xi.

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